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Electrolux Refrigeration is also popular by the name Domestic Electrolux refrigeration. An easy to understand title of the same that, to some extent, describes the working of this kind of Refrigerator is the three fluid Refrigerator. This kind of Refrigerator makes use of three kinds of fluids being Ammonia, water and hydrogen. Together they create a cooling impact. The three fluids have different features.

  • Ammonia is a cooling agent.
  • Water acts as a solvent for Ammonia.
  • Hydrogen gas increases the rate of evaporation. This, in return, increases the rate of cooling. Hydrogen is a light gas and cannot dissolve in water.

Components of Electrolux refrigerator

Whether you are going for the electrolux fridge repairs or Electrolux refrigerator repair, it is important to know about the different components. This will let you understand the problem and then explain it to the concerned person as well. Here is a brief account of the basic components of this Refrigerator.

  • The generator is the reservoir that includes the mixture of Ammonia and water inside.
  • A gas burner is used to heat the generator. It increases the temperature of water and Ammonia after heating them. The Ammonia dissolves in the water and changes into vapors.
  • Rectifier gets the vapors coming from the generators. These vapors arise after water and Ammonia are heated within the generator. The ammonia vapors leave the generator and enter into the rectifier. Later they move into the condenser. The rectifier helps in retaining the water particles. After passing through the rectifier, the ammonia vapors will move to the condenser. Once the process completes, the water particles will return to the generator.
  • The condenser supports the conversion of ammonia vapors into liquid Ammonia. The liquids Ammonia then goes to the evaporator.
  • Evaporator receives the liquid Ammonia from the condenser, where it extracts the heat from the evaporator. The hydrogen gas from the absorber mixes with Ammonia. As a result, the evaporation rate increases causing the temperature to go down. The hot mixture of Ammonia and hydrogen returns to the absorber, where the water dissolves Ammonia. The insoluble hydrogen will not get dissolved. Hydrogen rises and enters the evaporator.
  • Absorber has both water and hydrogen. Water is at the lower level while the hydrogen stays above this. Being light and insoluble, hydrogen returns to the evaporators. After getting hot in the evaporators, the ammonia and hydrogen mixture transform into the gaseous form and then return to the absorber. For the Electrolux fridge service, this is an essential component that needs due attention.

The heat exchanger is the point where water and Ammonia move from the absorber. Heat exchange gets the heat from hot weak Ammonia and water solution. After they are heated, the solution returns to the generator. When the Refrigerator is not working, this part of the Electrolux Refrigerator is checked during the Electrolux repair.