Different Options For Raised Floor Systems

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Raised floors are commonly found in commercial buildings. It is estimated that about fifty to sixty percent of all commercial buildings have some kind of raised floor system. A raised floor is also called an elevated floor. The two terms are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. A raised floor system is very convenient. It saves up a lot of space. There are many benefits of installing a raised floor system in your building. Many building owners are well aware of the financial benefits of raised floor systems. This is why they have opted to install them in their buildings.

The percentage of raised floors in skyscrapers is even higher. This is because skyscrapers have a more complex hardware network. The hardware network of skyscrapers is very extensive and takes up a lot of space. A single story skyscraper might require as many as fifty thousand feet of cables and wires. The cables and wires make up its electrical network. This electrical hardware needs space. Some of the main reasons for the installation of raised floor systems are discussed below. The list below is not exhaustive or complete by any means. There are other important reasons for raised floor systems in addition to the ones mentioned below. 

Providing space for electrical network: 

One of the main reasons for installing raised floor systems is to make space for the electrical network of a building. The electrical network of a building consists of wires, cables and other electrical equipment. It might also include batteries and transformers. In some cases, it also includes generators and other such devices. All this needs to be accommodated in some space. A raised floor provided the required space for the electrical hardware. A single square foot of space can handle up to five to ten feet of heavy electrical cable. Most buildings include a raised floor system for this reason. Go here for more information about storage systems.

For aesthetic reasons:

Many people argue that a synthetic floor looks better than concrete. Most commercial buildings need some sort of flooring design. A commercial building can benefit greatly from an elevated flooring system. The raised floor system provided the building with a new look. Different kinds of times can be used for the raised flooring. The raised floor can be changed every few years. This allows the owner of the building to select a new design after every few years. This is much cheaper than other options such as changing fixed floor tiles. The tiles on raised floor systems are much easier to replace.  The raise floor system is usually built on top of a solid foundation. The foundation is made of a tough structure such as concrete or cement. The concrete foundation is very durable and provides a good base for the raised floor.

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